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Torres Del Paine, Travel, Tours To Patagonia

Torres del Paine Trekking Tour

The Torres del Paine National Park has been a WorldBiosphere Reserve since 1978. In this area are found the colossal towers and horns of granite and rocks, which have made it world-famous, with altitudes of 3.050 metres above sea level. The climate is unstable and even in summer the winds can reach over 193 miles per hour.

The park preserves fragile ecosystems inhabited by guanacos, foxes, ñandúes and flamingos. There are various circuits, and it is possible to do some of them by car, but the most exciting are the paths for trekking and excursions on horse-back.

Full of mysteries and legends, today invites the visitors to enjoy unique scenery and amazing sites for sport fishing, plus the life on the estancias, observing the flora and fauna of the south of the world.