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Patagonia cruises & tours Continental Hotel in Temuco

Continental hotel details

Great national and international artists, a personalities of the literary, financial, political and diplomatic worlds have visited the Hotel Continental, whose 107-year tradition in Temuco makes it Chile's oldest operating hotel. These distinguished figures have left their indelible mark on the Continental, and their presence can be felt today in the romantic ambiance of the building.

The Hotel is open all year so you can take full advantage of the range of attractions in the Araucania Region of Chile.

In the city center, 1 block from the plaza de armas, Antonio varas 708

private parking, meeting facilities, restaurant, bar
hotel business style; star rating: 3*
special features: one of the oldest continually operating hotels in chile

The classic ambiance of the main dining room (decorated in the French style with bronze lamps and cozy Viennese armchairs ) evokes the unforgettable era of 1889, when the Hotel was just beginning its tradition. Visit the bar, where you can sip an evening cocktail and play entertaining games like liar's dice, dominos, etc. At the Hotel Continental, you'll find everything you need for an uninterrupted relaxing vacation.

At the Hotel Continental, you will enjoy home-cooked meals prepared with the freshest ingredients and an eye for detail.

number of rooms: 40
rates include: do not include iva tax of 19% because foreign tourists are not subject to this tax.
room rates (per room per night in u$):

Credit cards accepted: diners, visa, mastercard, american express


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