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Patagonia cruises - San Rafael glacier cruise route

Chilean Patagonia expedition


Sailing every Saturday from Puerto Montt (Chile), a city located 1000 kilometers south of Santiago, to the San Rafael Glacier, the majestic relic of the planet's last glaciation, Skorpios II takes you on a Dream Cruise of seven days and six nights. Its goes through spectacular channels and archipelagos, where an exuberant nature stands out in all its splendor and man's presence is barely perceptible, and where softly shaped islands are scattered in the ocean.

We will visit isolated and picturesque fishing villages and settlements, such as Puerto Aguirre and Queilen, the city of Castro, Quitralco fjord with its thermal baths and the San Rafael National Park, which was declared world biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1978 with its Glacier of magical and spectacular 30,000 years old ice that rises in multicolored towers to a height of more than seventy meters and then sinks into the ocean.

An encounter with the wonderful nature of the Northern Patagonia, in the south of Chile.

San Rafael, a glaciar of magic ice


                                                      The San Rafael Lagoon is a nature sanctuary that shelters a variety of marine fauna and a large number of plants that live in a harmony that is not upset by the silent passing of the Skorpios, and whose astonishing magic can be seen while sailing in the safe boats towards the 2,000 meters wide Glacier whose 70 meters high peaks towers over the landscape. Then, sailing among the most incredible icebergs, thrilled by their varied forms and many colors, it is inevitable to toast with twelve year old whisky and this astonishing 30,000 year old ice.

Quitralco Fjord, "waters of fire"

Quitralco an old glacier riverbed, which means "Waters of Fire" in the Mapuche language, is a fjord with high, snow-covered mountains and impenetrable vegetation, where the flora surges spontaneously, wild and colorful with ferns, forming a unique and exuberant vegetation in a temperate microclimate beside a calm and transparent sea.

Here Skorpios owns a wonderful place where its passengers can rest in its pools, both indoor and outdoor, with thermal waters at 32 and 38 degrees Centigrade, a fine country style grill to gather, widespread  parklands and paths that can be followed to appreciate nature. There are also excursions on the fjord’s quiet, transparent waters in safe motorboats, where you are shown the rich marine fauna, such as the banks of mussels and the playful southern dolphins.

There is no doubt that Quitralco is the paradise we have all dreamed of.