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Patagonia cruises - Pure Patagonia cruise in Ushuaia

Pure Patagonia cruise


M/V Ushuaia cruise offers you such an abundance and range of birdlife, navigating the "Pure Patagonia" route.

To sail from Península Valdés is to go along one of the most important coastal areas in terms of the Patagonia biological diversity and productivity. There are few places in the world offering this abundance an diversity of bird colonies, soft beaches alternate with abrupt cliffs, deep caverns,coves, gulfs, bays, rocky reefs and more than sixty islands.

The area also counts on important archeological and historical ruins, and during a visit to the town it is possible to get in contact with its inhabitants
and local culture.

According to interpretations, the region owes the name to the to the Telehuelches, who apparently were very tall and with a well development physique so the Spaniards called "Patagones" .  Another version says that the name comes from the hugh tracks they left on the snow and because they covered their feet with skins.

Sailing the wild Patagonian coast, in "Ushuaia" remind us of the brave pioneering seafarers and explorers. Come on board the ship and enjoy this tour at the end of the world.