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patagonia cruises & tours El Greco hostel

El Greco hostel details

The Greco Hotel is located in Calle Mirador 134

It is one old recycled German large house. It is defined as a Boutique Hotel, it unites the culture and the nature. East has 240 works of original arts of plastic artists is the reason for its name "Pinacoteca Hotel the Greco". Its architecture stands out that combines the traditional thing and the modern thing. Constructed in tejuelas of larch with applications of tones lilas and yellows in the marks of windows and doors, that play with green the dark of the trees that surround it.

In his interior it is possible to be appreciated native wood like the larch, rivets, tepa, ulmo, hazel and ciruelillo, those that combine in the walls and upholstered artisan wool furniture dyed with vegetal dyes. Their woven curtains are of linen and to crochet in white color.

Services in the Rooms:
sigles and double rooms are available
- Telephones DDN - DDI.
- Heating.
- Private Bath.
- T.V. by cable.    
- Telephones DDN - DDI.
- T.V. by cable.
- Coffee Internet.
- Private parking.
- Laundry.
- Permanent exhibitions of painters and engravings.
- Books of Regional and National Writers.
- Art work Sales, antigûedades.
- Tours Cultural and of small groups.
- Special Tours and activities for the third age.
- We organized and we administered to seminaries and events.
- Credit cards in weights and dollars are accepted.
- Services from Transfer to the airport.    


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