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Puerto Natales hotels directory

Puerto Natales, city capital of Ultima Esperanza province, is 247 km. from Punta Arenas, 256 km. from Rio Gallegos (Argentina), 362 km. from Calafate (Argentina), and 48 km. from Rio Turbio (Argentina) was founded in 1911 and has 19,031 inhabitants.

Puerto Natales is the boarding gate to beautiful natural landscapes as those known all over the world of the Torres del Paine National Park, Cueva del Milodon natural reserve and Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina); in winter, the ski runs of Rio Turbio and by sea the glaciers of Balmaceda and Serrano mountains and the seven glaciers of the Canal de las Montanas.

The city has a good tourist infrastructure outstanding coffee shops, restaurants, a casino, small and picturesque shopping, a history museum, and travel agencies offering unmissable panoramas.

Its attractive hotel organization goes from big hotels to small boarding houses with personalized service. A well-equipped airport links Puerto Natales with the whole world. The maritime access is through a ferry from Puerto Montt once a week.