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At the southern end of the Pan American highway in Chile, is Puerto Montt  which was established in 1853 and  it is not only the end of the road, but the beginning of the fabled land of fjords, canals, islands, snow-capped volcanoes, fertile agricultural fields, green forested hills and the enchantment of Southern Chile.

Puerto Montt Chile offers you a great view of the bay, fresh  sea food restaurants, lots of lodging places, handicrafts, and  much more.  One of the things people like about Puerto Montt  is its location.

Kayaking in Tenglo Canal, Boat Cruises Around
Many people like to stay here and take day  trips to Chiloe Island, to the National parks, waterfalls, lakes,  mountains, go fishing and do many other outdoor activities.
Stay here, eat here and rent a car, take a tour, or bus to explore the outdoor adventure around the area.