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Patagonia cruises & tours Oregon lodge

Oregon lodge details

Oregon cabins are located in Regimiento 1453 Port Montt, they are surrounded of a splendid southern nature in which will be able to find independence thanks to that you/they are totally equipped, each a, with kitchen, living, dining room, private bathroom, heating, citófono and parking, which are open during the whole year. 
Cabins American style for 4 to 5 people 
2 bedrooms for 4 to 5 people 
Matrimonial bedrooms and it stops children (for 7 people) 
The services that we put at your disposal are the following ones: 
Telephony and fax 
Baggage custody 
Games for children 
Service of Mucama 
Refrigerator and television for cable (Optional) 
Transfer and Rent to Car 
Direct service to the airport The Tepual of Port Montt and terminal of buses 
Security and night surveillance 
Car dining room 
Parking for cabin 
Parking for buses inside our complex 
hot and central heating with firewood and gas 
Green areas 
Capacity up to 55 people in total 
Set calm, pleasing and relajador 
Special prices to delegations and bigger adults 
Value according to consultation 


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