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Patagonia Trip
By Gerhard - 1/3/2012 The tour was very well elaborated, long enough and one could see the most beautiful views of the area. Also accommodation and food were all right. It was clear for me, that the succes of the tour will depend very much on the weather conditions which are changing very fast in this area.The weather was relatively good, I feared that it will be worse. But decisive for the success of the tour was the excellent guidance. All his proposals and decisions were perfect, very punctual and precise. He is very knowledgeable of all aspects of this area.

By Virginia Winter - 1/3/2012 I want to thank you very much for looking after me so well in Patagonia. The trip was absolutely amazing and so well organised-there is nothing that you could have done better. The endless food and wine was delicious and quite unexpected.-I've never experienced anything like it on a trip before.

Torres del Paine national park fire
By Admin - 1/2/2012 SANTIAGO, Chile -- Firefighters in Chile battled three huge wildfires Monday that have burned about 90 square miles (23,000 hectares) of forest, destroyed more than 100 homes and have driven away thousands of tourists while causing millions of dollars in losses.

Patagonia Camp
By silviagaybor - 12/12/2011 "We had a wonderful time here. Everyone was so nice, we will definitively recommend to others ! The food was amazing".

Patagonia Camp
By silviagaybor - 12/12/2011 The camp is so ideally situated-the view is spectacular in every way and the desingn of

Patagonia Camp
By silviagaybor - 12/12/2011 "The whole place has been wonderful, keep going with eco efforts, it's sets you apart and establishes a real ecotourist destination"

Salto Chico Hotel-Patagonia
By J. Boule - 12/9/2011 What is impressive is that -when you come by car (we came from Punta Arenas)- you just realize how remote this place is. Even though Torres del Paine could look like a "tourist place" it does not really gather so many people at a time. It is then hardly imaginable that they have succeded to create such a luxury, so very well managed and eco-friendly place in such a place! Of course, this has a price but the room, the food, the kindness of the staff and the range of activities will make it worth 3 times!

Patagonia Experience
By Antoine & Lois - 12/9/2011 I have had the fortune of staying in some impressive places around the world, and Patagonia probably tops them all. we stayed at Salto Chico Hotel . The view from our room was nothing short of phenomenal. I have tremendous praise for every aspect of our stay. I looked forward to returning to our room with its inviting bed. I was very happy with the friendly and helpful staff and despite being in a very remote location the food is great. If you like exploring the rugged outdoors during the day while being able to relax in blissful comfort in the evenings, this is as good as it gets. The activities are diverse and perfectly planned. The guides are great and the groups are an ideal size. I should also mention that the horses they use are the healthiest and best cared for that I have encountered. If I had any complaint it would be the almost non-existent internet connection only available in the common-area, but frankly I think this turned out to be a good thing.

Torres del Paine Hotel
By Kristen - 12/7/2011  Last October  we spent three nights in las torres. Let me summarise: this is by far not a luxury hotel, but a fantastically located place for excursions in tue national Parc. + Location Good & clean facilities Excellent guides Tour offering - Not a 5 star resort, but rather 3 stars Basic rooms Crowded Common Roms (bar etc.) I can recommend this Place if you are looking for fantastic excursions in the parc. If you want a 5 Star resort, Look for some other Place.

Patagonia Hosteria
By Gilles Blain Jr. - 12/7/2011 “Wonderful In Every Way”

Torres del Paine Hosteria
By Tobie Tousignan - 12/7/2011 We spent 3 days ( November 2011 )s in the national park and slept 1 night in Hosteria Las Torres. This place is just beautiful. The beauty of the nature and this beautiful hotel made our stay unforgetable. 10 points. Just wonderful

By Marta and Peter - 12/6/2011 Thank you for a great experience in Torres del Paine!, you must be the optimal choice for a trip like this, so well organized ant the wonderful team in Patagonia who took care of us and everything. They are really warm and friendly people with responsibility and also a lot of fun!. torres del Paine is certainly one of the most beautiful and magic places on earth, and thanks to our guide Andres and the other people we enjoyed every moment. The mountains and the lakes ( especially Lago Nordenskjöld, named after our countryman..) were more beautiful than anyone can imagine, and we were lucky with the weather that was sunny and clear. So we want to thank everybody! We had a great time.

Torres del Paine Circuit and Glaciers November 2011
By Bernard Dickens - 12/6/2011 I thought Torres del Paine was amazing and our guide was fantastic!. We thought that his knowledge of the area which we would not have gained if we had gone by ourselves ( flora and fauna ) was the main benefit.Similary, our guide in Argentina, in El Chaltén was always informing us about the surrounding nature. For example he spotted a male and female " Carpintero Negro" at very close range!.

By Henry W. - 12/6/2011 I was sent on a last minute business trip to Santiago. VT was more then willing to work with me to put together a customized backpacking trip to fill up the weekend during my stay in Santiago. I went to Yerba Loca Valley, Central Andes, Santiago.