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Patagonia fjords

The Fjords of Patagonia, are a natural phenomena produced by the melting of glaciers.

Fjords are inlets that are formed by the erosion produced by a glacier that leaves a U-shaped valley after melting. These valleys connect with the sea and many of them are navigable, in some cases even deeper than the surrounding oceans. 

Patagonia glacial fjord

The Southern part of South America also know as Patagonia, has many navigable inlets.

Patagonia travel is also done by expedition cruise, one of the main attractions of cruising in Patagonia is navigating through channels and visiting fjords and glaciers.

Fjords are home to many wildlife species, their waters are rich and in some cases have coral reefs, where you can find plankton, anemones, fishes and even species of sharks. Of course the plankton attracts whales and one of the highlights of fjord cruising is whalewatching. 

Another highlight during a Patagonia cruise is anchoring nearby glaciers and exploring them up close on board a zodiac to enjoy the view of the crashing ice that falls into the surrounding waters.

Some of the most famous fjords we visit on a Patagonia cruise are located within the straights of Magellan. Here we find the Pio XII and Agostini glaciers part of the Agostini fjord. Just cruising by these dormant giants of ice make it worth travelling to Patagonia.

Other attractions during an expedition trip to these southern latitudes are visits to Penguin rookeries, miniature forests and ecosystems, reaching cape horn (the Soutern tip of South America), enjoying the best wines of Chile and Argentina.