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Patagonia cruises & tours - Chilean Patagonia routes

Chilean Patagonia routes




 Patagonia begins where Chile dissolves into a fairytale land of islands and fjords.

P A T A G O N I A, we've all heard about it and have filled our heads with images of colorfull ice;huasos, the hard life, pristine lush forest and incredible glaciers.

The best places and sceney of the both Northern and southern routes of  Chile in Patagonia region;  give you the opportunity  to visit the most amazing and fascinating destinations.

A spectacular journey combines the beauty of the lakes, mountains and hidden paradises with the warmth of its people. A variety of circuits in which the quality and care featured in each of its stages, makes it an unforgettable experinece.

We will visit and explore  Pumalin Park and it's spectacular alerce groves (like the sequoia or redwoods), Futaleufú and its world famous river, which is a magnet for rafters and kayakers from around the world; Alerce National Park , the South American refuge of Butch Cassidy,  Puyuhuapi Thermal Baths, not far from the Queulat National Park and its famous Hanging Glacier.  

One of the main attractions of the South of Chile Patagonian region are the Cueva Milodon Natural Monument, Torres del Paine National Park and the magellan explorers' route; The whole region is a wonderful countryside.

Come with us and enjoy lush wonders & hidden paradises in the region of "patagones".