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Patagonia cruises & tours hotels in Osorno & Puyehue area

Osorno & Puyehue hotels directory

Osorno: a city of approximately 128,000 inhabitants located to both riverbanks of the river Rahue. It is an excellent starting point toward many places of tourist interest.

Leaving toward the northwest and going by the city of Río Bueno you arrives at the lake Ranco. Toward the east and by international road you arrives to really extraordinary places because of their beauty: lake Puyehue and lake Rupanco, to the north and the south of the mentioned route, going by the commune of Entre Lagos.

Continuing toward the east is recommended to arrive until the Thermal baths of Puyehue in the Puyehue National Park, the best organized of the country with thermal center in Hot Waters.

Toward the west, to know the mountain range of the coast and to see the pacific ocean from high cliffs, it is recommended to get to Bahía Mansa, an active creek of fishermen, and to visit Maicolpué, a popular spa of white sands surrounded of hills covered with virgin forest.

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