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Patagonia cruises - Mystical Chiloé & Pumalin Cruise in Cahuella

Mystical Chiloé & Pumalin Cruise

Chiloé is renown for its rich folklore, centuries-old culture, fantastic wildlife, deep green pastures, misty forests and fresh seafood. There is something interesting for everyone on the magical island.

First, we will visit the oceanside city of Ancud, one of the cultural and economic centers of the island and appreciating  the varied local arts and crafts (primarily wood and wool products) also, an  excursion to the island penguin colony on the rugged Pacific Coast- the only place in the world where Humbolt and Magallenic penguins live together.

Once aboard your lovely vessel, Cahuella, you will navigate through many smaller lush islands and have the opportunity to interact with more friendly local families, taking short walks and enjoying the peaceful majesty of the Chiloé sunset. You will visit places where roads do not exist and the life of the sea is woven into the local culture.  This is off the tourist trail and offers you the unique opportunity to visit a part of the world where life follows the rhythm of the tides.

Your comfortable vessel will weave its way through the more remote islands on the way to the spectacular grandeur of mainland Patagonia and its channels and fjords. Here you will witness the untouched wilderness of the steep, glacier topped Andes, innumerable birds, old growth temperate rainforest and numerous hot springs that motivated Douglas Tompkins to preserve over 700,000 acres as one of South America's largest private park projects.

This trip has the perfect mix of exotic wildlife, fascinating culture and outrageous beauty.