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Patagonia cruises - Kaweskar Explores Cruise in Skorpios III

The Kaweskar explorers route

M/N Skorpios III offers Patagonia cruises sailing the Kaweskar explorers route.

Sailing every Sunday at dawn from Puerto Natales, located 247 km to the north of Punta Arenas, on a five nights cruise through the channels and fjords that border the Southern Ice Field, in the Chilean Patagonia, which is considered to be the third largest reserve of fresh water on the planet and crib of the biggest and most spectacular glaciers in the southern hemisphere.

There are two options to reach the region of the Magallanes: flying Punta Arenas or of going overland from Argentina. From this city, passengers must be  transferred to the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales.

The maritime route commences through the Kirke Narrows, moving towards the north through the Morla Vicuña, Unión Inlet, Collingwood, Sarmiento, Concepción and Wide channels,to anchor in a beautiful area known as the Eyre Inlet.



Personnel with ample experience in gastronomy, and faithful to the traditional hospitality of the Kochifas family, delight the passengers with the best gastronomy of the Patagonia, carefully selecting the most exclusive meat, horticulture, hortifrutícolas, & sea foods, all, accompanied with a vast variety of fine Chilean wines, as well as an Open Bar service, without additional cost.

There are ample decks, salons and dinning rooms. A system of simultaneous english translation for chats, as well as a professional digital recording system and exhibition of videos of the internal canals. The Zeus Bar (smoking room), with an English decor and the Apolo Salon (non-smoking), decorated in a classical style, provide a warm ambient to share with your traveling companions.

Skorpios III invites you on this unforgettable voyage Exploring The Patagonia.