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Patagonia cruises & tours Playa Maqui Hotel

Playa Maqui hotel details

Located to the north of Frutillar, in  Camino a Los Bajos - Puerto Octay  km. 6 of the one in route to  Octay Port  is the Hostel and Camping site Playa Maqui. In a protected bay of the wind, amid an enviable natural contour and with a beautiful view to the volcanos Osorno, Calbuco and Puntiagudo. 

Playa Maqui has all the comforts to enjoy some unforgettable  vacations in contact with the nature. 
Built  in 1880, is one of the houses but traditional of the area. Amidst the field and native forest, Lodging Playa Maqui gathers all the ingredients to rest in family, while  try its excellent kitchen and the secrets of the German confectionery. 
Trips of Fishing   
for 3 to 8 people, with complete team. Availability the whole day and every day of the week  
Service of Coffee.  
It is spoken German and English 
Double room-I Have breakfast German  
Triple room-I Have breakfast German  
Department 4 people-Breakfast  
Services Lodging: 
Private bathrooms  
50 completely equipped places 
Equipped with hot water 
Excellent Beach 
Slope and boat caretaker 
Open all year 
Camping site Playa Maqui 
The Camping site has a pretty and wide beach, nautical sports and sport fishing they are some of the activities that you will be able to carry out in this idyllic place. 

The Camping sitePlaya Maqui has all the comforts to enjoy some unforgettable vacations in contact with the nature inside its very provided area enabled for camping site. 
Characteristic of the Camping site  
I price Capacity  
Full place(I roof + basic + beach) for 8 people  
Medium place (without roof + basic + beach) for 8 people  
Basic place (tavern + vent + light +shower + toilet +hot water + eléctricity)


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