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Patagonia cruises & tours - Castillo Mountain Trekk tour

Castillo Mountain trekking tour


Castillo Mountain National Reserve was created in 1970.  The predominant native tree of the reserve is the lenga, and can be found forming pure lenga forests at altitudes between 600 and 1,200 m (1,968 and 3,936 ft) above sea level.

With its aim to protect the land, the park reforested around a thousand hectares (2,200 acres) with exotic species. Among the animals and birds that live here, there are guemuls, guanacos, foxes, pumas, condors, cachañas (small parrots), eagles, etc.

The most beautiful sites are Cerro Castillo (2,320 m. or 7,609 ft. above sea level), Cerro Iglesia (1,750m. or 5,740 ft.), and Conde Stone, a rock shaped over the years by natural elements to look like a human profile.

From Coyhaique, we invite you to travel with us along the Austral Highway, until reaching the Castillo Mountain National Reserve, with nearly 180.000hectares (445000 acres) its name stands for the mountain range that stands more than 2,000 meters (6,280 ft), with a silhouette that resembles a castle and whose peaks are always covered in snow, next to where the Ibáñez River arises.

The Program's level of difficulty is moderate.
Valuation: Half mountain.
Distance: 47 miles.
Maximum altitude: 4,765 ft (1,453 meters)
Descent: 4,264 ft (1,300 meters)
minimun 2 passengers & maximun 8