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Patagonia cruises - Antarctica Island Route in M/V Ushuaia

Antarctica Island Cruise




Antartica Island Route in M/V USHUAIA. Reservation includes not only the Staten Island itself but also a number of Islands that surrounds it and the New Year’s Day Archipelago. Altogether, they cover 50,736 acres.

Staten Island is the largest and it’s located in the most eastern extreme of the Southern Andes. Its humid climate, with an annual precipitation close to 2,000 mm, supports evergreen forests, consisting mainly of guindos (Nothofagus betuloides) and canelos (Drymis Winterii). A dense fern, lichen and moss Soto Bosque give it an exuberant appearance which will turn out to be almost stunning for the eye of the unprepared explorer. Turf and coastal grasslands will surprise with their presence too.

The Island’s jagged coastline with fjords, coves and bays, offers the perfect habitat for coastal species, with an important community of invertebrates which become the food for a wide diversity of seabirds and other species.

The Island counts also with different historical sites of interest for those who have an adventurous spirit, bound to human townships during the 19th and 20th centuries dedicated to seal and penguin hunting. Furthermore, the history of countless shipwrecks goes back to famous pioneers........It’s a dreamed voyage where you may become one of them!