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Patagonia cruises - Aiken del Sur Cruise in Catamaran Iceberg

Aiken del Sur Cruise

Catamaran Iceberg Expedition cruise & Loberias hotel offer you to a unique natural world in an untouched almost hidden land, sailing the "Aiken del Sur " route.

Here, for you to discover amazing geographical panoramas, and breath-taking scenery awaits a varied, stunning wilderness, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and ice from the last ice age thousands of years ago.  An astonishing stage in nature's last frontier. You will not regret you came. 

Sailing from Balmaceda airport every Tuesday; you can visit the coasts of the Province of Palena and of the Aisen Region, San Rafael Lagon, Aiken del Sur Park and even much more;  aboard a vessel equipped with cutting-edge technology. Enjoy the scenery from its comfortable interior, or from the outside deck if you wish closer contact with nature.

Come on board The Catamaran Iceberg Expedition  cruise with land basic; and enjoy the mysteries and lush beauty of the Patagonian Region.